Understanding Quantum Physics

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quantum Physics Simplified

When approaching the subject matter of quantum physics many individuals become intrigued and then suddenly confused.

Understanding quantum physics has been simplified through this intriguing ebook story. Enjoy!

Clarity captivates its readers by delving into the world of quantum physics, exploring the limitless power of the mind, and explaining why energy effectively collaborates. Charles Davenport discovers that he must combine quantum physics and the laws of energy in order to free himself and return to the life he once lived.  Charles’ quest uncovers the fundamental construct of the cosmos and provides a simple yet brilliant guide through the theory of everything!

Charles Davenport is a wealthy philanthropist and C.E.O of Davenport Industries.  He has the ideal life with a stunning wife, two beautiful daughters, a successful career, altruistic endeavors and a mass of wealth providing for his every desire.  During Davenport’s 40th birthday he experiences a shocking and unexplainable shift.  Davenport suddenly finds himself trapped in the life of a desperate stranger.  This horrific experience consumes Charles with fear and confusion, ultimately transforming this confident all inspiring philanthropist into a hopeless man struggling to survive.  While jumping between his new life and past memories Charles uncovers eerie and mysterious coincidences between the two worlds.  Davenport is determined to restore his life back to what it once was and makes a miraculous discovery, the power of quantum thought.
The Event
I opened my eyes and my heart started to race.  Surrounded by Melaleuca Trees and Australian Pines I began to shout, “Alex, God damn it Alex.”  Where the hell did everyone go?    That bastard must have drugged me with something, some kind of elaborate birthday hoax.
“Think Charlie, you can make sense of this.  How did Alex get me into the middle of the woods?”  I tried to relax so I could think logically but all I could feel was my heart racing, pounding inside my chest.
 Marianne wouldn’t let Alex get away with this but then I noticed my clothes, shredded and covered in mud.  I smacked a mosquito on the side of my face, something was very strange.   Placing both my hands onto the sides of my face I began massaging a beard, a very thick beard.  I was kidnapped and drugged for weeks.  Yes, that’s it!  I was desperate to make sense of all this.  I took off through the forest weaving between trees and jumping over broken branches like a gazelle making a mad dash for its life.
Screaming as loud as I could, “Help. Somebody help,” but the same questions kept popping into my  please somebody help me!  Marianne! Gina! Samantha! Where are you?”  Tree limbs broke off of Davenports’ body slicing his face and arms as he sprinted through the woods but he felt nothing as the adrenaline pumped through his veins.  Charles continued to run through the trees until he started gasping for air.  Eventually, he fell to the ground and looking up into the sky crying out like a desperate child, “God what’s happening.  What‘s going on?  God please help me.” Then I heard something like cars driving by.  Charles rolled onto his side watching the cars flittering between the trees in the distance.  Sweat was pouring out of me causing my eyes to burn but I was too weak to wipe my face. I could taste the salt as it seeped into my mouth.  I ached all over and my insides burned like I hadn’t eaten in days but I was desperate to get to that road.  My family needed to know I was alive.
Forcing myself to crawl at first and then back to my feet, slowly but surely moving towards my salvation.  I made it to the roadside but everything was spinning.  I felt light headed and my legs trembled, everything went black.
I woke up to a siren blasting in my ears.  Dozens of cots surrounded me with lifeless bodies.  It seemed to be some type of clinic.  A nurse shouted, “Wake up! Wake up!  Get out of bed and exit the room.  Move it everyone!  Get outside, now,” as she pointed towards the back of the room.  I leapt out of the cot and noticed that I was wearing flimsy flip flops that barely stayed on my feet.  I asked the nurse, “Where am I?  What am I doing here?”  The nurse replied, “Just get outside.  This is a fire drill follow me and I’ll explain later.”  “Wait, damn it!" What is going on,” I asked shrugging my arm from her grasp.  I had to know what was going on here, it was surreal.  “Tell me where the hell I am,” “You’re at the H.A.C.  Now move your ass out that door right now” the nurse shouted back at me as she pointed to the large metal door with a brightly lit exit sign on top of it. The other patients looked to be just as confused as I was but remained silent.  Everyone was so thin and looked to be in poor health with barely enough energy to get out of bed, struggling to walk.  It was a reenactment from Night of Living Dead.  As I moved along, following the crowd like another cow in the herd, the fog began to clear in my mind; the horrific memory from the woods began to surface.
As this dreary group of men walked down the flight of stairs I began to realize what this place was.  It was some type of facility but it wasn’t a hospital.  Dozens of men and women came streaming out from doors within the corridor. I watched as the enormous herd formed in a courtyard.  Strange, my room was the only one containing men wearing flip flops and hospital gowns.  All the other patients were dressed in ordinary clothes.
Once I reached the center of the courtyard I approached the nurse asking, “What’s the H.A.C.?”  “You’re in a homeless shelter.  The police brought you yesterday from Broward General.  I was told you were found on the side of the road severely dehydrated.  You were in bad shape and had no identification so Human Resources placed you here.”  “I have to call my wife!  I have no idea how I ended up in the woods.  I have to call my family right now!”  The nurse attempted to calm me down replying, “Just relax. Once the drill is over and we get back to the room you can call from there.”  “Relax,” I shouted at the nurse, “This is crazy lady,” but as I tried to explain what happened she cut me off. The nurse took on an authoritative tone, “Lower your voice and calm down.  I told you once the drill is finished you can use the phone upstairs.”  “Calm down,” I blurted. “I was fucking kidnapped and left for dead!  Are you deaf or what?  I want a God damn phone right now,” I demanded.  The nurse raised her voice shouting across the crowd of people.  She formed a natural megaphone as she cupped her hands around her mouth, “Jackson, Jackson get over here right now, Code 4.”  Suddenly, a deep voice shot through the crowd.”  Hang on Nurse Shelly.  I’m coming Nurse Shelly.  I’m coming.”  I saw a large head towering over everyone. Bodies began to move as an opening was created by this stocky black man heading straight for us.  I almost pissed myself when I set eyes on this guy.  He was 6’ 5”, about 250 pounds of pure muscle and definitely not a man to be messing with.  “Nurse Shelly, who’s causing problems over here,” said the giant. The crowd was silenced by his deep and powerful voice. Accusingly, the nurse pointed right at me.  I was still in awe over the sheer mass of this guy.  I was weak and incapable of defending myself. My voice quivered as I pleaded, “Wa wa wa wait just a second.  I just need a phone man.  I don’t want any problems.”  “Listen up little man,” the orderly demanded.  “You do whatever Nurse Shelly tells you to do.  I don’t have time to deal with petty phone call requests. Besides, you’re still in a gown, you just got here.  Be happy you have a bed for the night and keep your mouth shut.  Got it!  Nurse Shelly, just let me know if this one gives you any more problems.”  I watched as this goliath brushed aside residents like little children as he cleared a path back through the crowd.  A man of his size understood how physical strength meant power in situations like this, especially when confronting someone my size. That really pissed me off. 

If this story interests you simply view my other post at Clarity.  Please leave a comment and I will continue to add the rest of the story.

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